Inktober 2020

This year I chose a different approach to participating in the Inktober art challenge. In the past few years, I’ve been following the official prompt list. In 2020, which was the year of changes and the unknown for all of us, I decided not to follow given topics. It felt right to create my own. I cut tiny pieces of paper and scribbled all kinds of things that seemed appealing to me on them. Then I put them in my tiny moth pouch. I had no idea it’ll be so much fun! 🙂

Every morning I looked forward to picking one of the prompts. Every evening when I lay down in bed my mind started to wonder which one will be the next. The best part was, that as the month was progressing I forgot what I wrote on those tiny papers. I unknowingly prepared a daily little surprise for myself. I surely enjoyed this Inktober the most of all I did. 

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